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The layout was 20 inches wide by 8 feet long. It utilized Peco On30 track and turnouts as the Micro-engineering turnouts were not yet available.

Jan 05, 2011 · Item no.25559 on30 0-4-2 Porter steam loco Tioga Lumber co,price £40.00p, Item no.27723 on30 caboose Colorado & Southern,price £21.00p, Item no.29801 on30 logging and mining cars-die cast wood side-dump car 3 in a box,price £35.00p, Item no. 29802 on30 logging and mining cars-die cast v-dump car 3in a box,price £35.00p,
Racing to get it done. . . #drawing #trackplan #modelrailroading #on30 #modeltrains #thundermesa. Thunder Mesa Mining Company. ... Flying high above the layout today ...
Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber by Jim O'Connell: Small layout with big scenery. Bachmann Boxcar Variations by Cyril Durrenberger : Hill country outlaws projects. Freight Equipment of the Tweetsie by Johnny Greybeal: An On30 Proto-Primer, includes all-time roster. An Evolved On30 Module Framework by Wayne Perrier: Light + strong = showworthy.
Apr 24, 2013 · Below the HO layout would live the new On30 Blackwater & Mosquito Creek Lumber swamp logger pike. This will be the larger of the two layouts and, because I'm pretty much on my feet for my jobs all day, the bench work for the On30 layout will be built at “sit-down” height for working on and operating.
Detail Parts - Mining. As our Detail Parts page grows, please be sure to scroll all the way down. Click on the part numbers below to jump to a particular item or scroll through all of our details on this page!
My On30 Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway • by Pete Leach, MMR — A Mix Of Ships And Trains. Features. A 1:20.3 Scale Stamp Mill • by Bob Poli — Something To Do. The Raymond Davis Caboose • by Brooks Stover, MMR — An S Scale Logging Caboose. An O Scale Tractor Shed • by Dieter Jaeger — Modeling With Digital Images.
Whilst the scale of structures can be considered the same in an O Scale layout regardless of track gauge (ignoring forced scale for purposes of perspective), On3 (3 ft (914 mm)), On30 (2 ft 6 in (762 mm)) or On2 (2 ft) prototype modelling permits a greater level of model detail and more appropriate scale operation of narrow gauge railway ...
On30 Scale: Spectrum (Bachmann) Locomotives and Cars, HUH-400 consignment HUH-401: sold out 10/16 Spectrum # 25862, 0-4-0 Side Rod Gas Mechanical Loco, sFr. 95.-on sale 30% sold out 1/20 HUH-403: Spectrum # 25399, 0-4-0 Porter, no lettering, sFr. 150.- on sale 30%
A 3'x9' layout with a western mining theme. This one is loosely based on the Verde Canyon Railroad near Jerome Arizona. Minimum radius is 12". Track is Atlas code 55. By the way, in spanish, tonto y su dinero means "a fool and his money." A good name for any model railroad in my wife's opinion.
Sumach Grove is an On30 layout based on mainly Bachmann locomotives and rolling stock, Peco ON30/O16.5 track, Blue Point turnout controls and Gaugemaster DCC. It is a modular layout following the basic standards for Fremo On30 modules. The FremOn30 Standard basic and advanced, was promoted by Kathy Millatt in the UK. For those of you still ...
His Onion Valley Mining and Lumber Company is an On30 circa 1934 railroad set in the Sierras. There were three previous OV layouts. The first was an HO layout featured in the May 1996 issue of MODEL RAILROADING. The second was an HO layout with a HOn30 branch line featured in the June 2006 issue of MODEL RAILROADER.
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  • In the late 1990s, Bachmann released a O scale (1:48) 2-6-0 Mogul based on a Colorado & Southern (3' gauge) prototype. There were two unique things about it. First, it was plastic, and second, it was an On30 locomotive. On30 (also known as On2½) uses O scale models that run on HO scale track (16.5 mm), which scales out to be 30" wide in O scale.
  • The layout was 20 inches wide by 8 feet long. It utilized Peco On30 track and turnouts as the Micro-engineering turnouts were not yet available.
  • The Huntley Hills Southern is a On30 layout set in a 1940's - 1950's suburb of Chamblee, Georgia. It is a fictional logging and mining 30" gauge railroad connecting the industries to the fictional Chamblee & Atlanta RR, a standard gauge railroad, at Chamblee, GA.
  • On30 Layouts ... On30 Layouts
  • Updated July 2020 "Log Pond Boat at Lame Deer Mill" Kit #001 is ready !! 1:48 Complete O/On3/On30 Diorama Kit. Scenery, Vehicles, Figures, Water, Trestle, Log Push Boat, Outhouse and Dock all that you see is there and even the Wood Display Base is included !!!!

Feb 04, 2011 · For On30 track there are basically four options. One take Atlas flex track and cut every other tie out. This makes it tough to use Atlas switches. Second you can hand lay track. Third use Micro Engineering On30 Flex Track. This track looks good, has a lighter rail and can be orders pre-weathered.

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On30 Layouts ... On30 Layouts

Australia's Eyre Peninsula. The layout has a long history, and was first (6/30/97) Lost Creek Railroad:On30, small Mining layout from 200 x 50 cm, language is netherlands but, a lot of pictures. (3-13-06)

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On30 (also called On2 1 ⁄ 2, O16.5 and Oe) gauge is the modelling of narrow gauge railways in O scale on HO (16.5 mm / 0.65 in) gauge track in 1:48 scale ratio by American and Australian model railroaders, in 1:43.5 scale ratio by British and French model railroaders and 1:45 by Continental European model railroaders (excluding France).