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Nitrous Express NX101 <p>Nitrous Express NX101 Ford 5.0L EFI GT40 Manifold Plate leads the way with performance and reliability. Their innovation in nitrous plates provides superior distribution and outstanding atomization, ensuring you of a safe but powerful nitrous system. Nitrous Express nitrous plates have no spray bars to sag, split, or break, making them "next generation" technology ...

GT40 and GT40P are not the same, and Explorers did not come with a GT40 only the P's. if you port them, you may hit 300. That is the bottle neck. Honestly, I would spend the 1500 on some AFR's to throw on. My goal on the last 302 I was actually building was 400 at the wheels. That's doable, but tough and keep it streetable.
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I did almost no work on the intake port side since it was already the size of a 1250 Felpro gasket. I had a set of 1262s here and thought about opening the intake up to that size but I've heard that this will kill the lowend torque of the "P" heads and might also lower the intake velocity.
Stock 5.0L lower intake compared to a GT40 Ford Explorer lower intake: 1997-2001 Ford Explorer 5.0L GT40P lower intake on the left, and a 1995-1997 Ford Explorer 5.0L GT40 lower intake on the right: (Note that the difference between the bottom of the lower intakes) 1997-2001 Ford Ranger 5.0L GT40P lower intake top view: Ford Explorer BW4404 ...
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different port sizes and throttle body sizes. Poke around on the web (Like I did) and you will find many different articles on all the different variants on the LS Series of intakes.
Fortunately, when the engine is idling the air pressure in the intake manifold is lower than the air pressure in the crankcase, and it's this lower pressure (which sometimes approaches pure vacuum) that sucks the blow-by gases through the PCV valve and back into the intake.
the LIM isnt hard at all. here is a pic of mine. i used a die grinder and cut the hole larger. then i smoothed out the supports that i cut off on the floor. i also removed any casting flash in the intake runners (mine had quite alot). to get the shape i took the s/c gasket and cut it out according to my already ported s/c. then i transfered it ...
"Lightning lower" = 351w GT40 lower. Two different ways to call out the same part. There is one other variant of 351W GT40 lower available that is different from a Lightning lower, it came on a boat engine. It is the same manifold but is cast iron instead of aluminum.
I had my gt40 lower next to my TFS heads and noticed even with an extreme port job the gt40 opening is nowhere close to the TFS opening. Is there a lower manifold that fits the TFS heads better? Next to each other it looks like the air is just getting pushed back into the heads. Does the TFS...
Jan 25, 2010 · intake bowl before port work Intake bowl after port work. again just minor blending and minor clean up left here to do. All painted up. These are not the valve covers I am using. I just used them as masking tape. This is what happens if you try to mess with the exhaust port floor. See how thin it really is. This was just an 80 grit sanding stone.
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  • The graph above shows the intake runner pressure over 720 crank degrees of an engine with a 7-inch (180 mm) intake port/runner running at 4500 rpm, which is its torque peak (close to maximum cylinder filling and BMEP for this engine). The two pressure traces are taken from the valve end (blue) and the runner entrance (red).
  • Nov 13, 2020 · FOR SALE - Sacramento, CA - Mustang 5.0 EFI Explorer GT40 Style Upper and Lower Intake Set $150.00 Call or text Located in Sacramento Location: Sacramento ...
  • Dec 20, 2017 · On the other hand, a smaller diameter intake port will yield greater intake velocity at lower rpm, optimizing peak torque, and therefore power, lower in the rev range. This is an important principle to consider in relation to how you wish to use your engine. Dave Rosewarne, from Cylinder Head Specialists, says:
  • Apr 20, 2020 · Replacing the upper intake plenum and gasket is commonly required to correct this condition. The engine can be very difficult to start after this problem has been repaired, it can be helpful to clear as much of the coolant from the intake manifold and cylinders as possible before reassembling the intake manifold.
  • For both ports, valveswere 2.020 intake and 1.600 exhaust, intake port volume was 200 cc andthe chamber volume was 64 cc. The flow numbers were derived at 28 inchesof water. THE LATEST IN CAR NEWS

Chevy Corvette 1989, Stealth Ram Intake Manifold by Weiand®. The Stealth Ram intake manifolds are designed with an aggressive, sophisticated look for today’s EFI engines. Patterned after a tunnel ram style tuned port intake, The...

Port durations are 160 exhaust 120 transfers and maybe 340+ intake with the windowed piston. It closes right around bdc. Has a boost port that's a couple mm lower than the top edge of the transfers. Jan 16, 2008 · im running the gt40X heads and a stock gt40 upper/lower cobra intake. I dont know to much about porting shit out but i want info if anyone has ported their lower intakes. any input is appreciated
Here's a list of "GT40" lower intake manifolds. 1993 Cobra. A direct swap, it has all the standard EGR and ACT provisions, no drilling or tapping. Very hard to find and desirable lower intake manifold. This would have an F3 (meaning 1993) in the part number. 1994-1995 Cobra

Intake Port: CNC. Intake Manifold Material: Aluminum. Intake Manifold Config: Dual Plane. Fueling: Holley carb . For any enthusiast of racing, Ford heritage, or for that matter anything on four wheels, the Superformance GT40 offers stunning looks, and incredible performance in a wonderful little package…that will bite your head off.

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Improved design - this intake manifold has been redesigned to correct a common PCV valve failure in the original equipment design to reduce excessive oil consumption; Complete kit - this manifold includes a new throttle body gasket, port gaskets, fuel injector O-rings, MAP sensor O-ring and screws for a complete installation